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Ruan Neurology Clinic earns MS Certification

Mercy Clinics is the first in the state of Iowa to achieve certification

May 26, 2010

The National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society has certified the Mercy Ruan Neurology Clinic as an official “Affiliated Clinic.”  The designation signifies a thorough review by the National MS Society to validate the quality and excellence of MS patient care and focuses on the experience of the patient through clinic services and support groups.  The Mercy Ruan Neurology Clinic is the first clinic in Iowa to become a Certified National MS Society Affiliated Clinic.

 “This certification recognizes our teams innovative approach, quality of treatments, early intervention and continuity-of-care, always keeping the individual patient's needs foremost in our minds,” said Bruce Hughes, M.D., Mercy Ruan Neurology Clinic. “Our clinic is also a leader in clinical trials and the latest MS research, which keeps us apprised of the latest breakthroughs to counter the disease.”

The National MS Society began its clinical affiliation/certification program in October 2009 and today has 42 Certified Clinics across the nation. The program focuses on the experience of the patient and emphasizes comprehensive and coordinated MS care.

Areas used to evaluate clinics for “Affiliated Clinic” certification include:

  • Focuses on the experience of the patient.
  • Recognizes the benefit for patients to have access to a full array of medical, psycho-social and rehabilitation services to address the varied and often complex issues related to living with MS.
  • Acknowledges clinical sites that demonstrate the ability to provide coordinated and comprehensive MS care to patients, while allowing flexibility in center operations and staffing models. 
  • Involves a strong collaboration between the Society and center.

For the Ruan Neurology Clinic, the designation also means that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society will refer patients seeking MS care and resources to their clinic.

“In part, the Ruan Neurology Clinic has received the designation as a comprehensive and coordinated care model of clinic services because of the level of MS experience and expertise of their health care team,“ said Patty Brooks, Director of Programs and Services at the North Central States Chapter of the National MS Society.

Mercy provides MS patients with a variety of education and support services including support groups specific to women, men and children/teens.  They also work with patients in person for one-on-one support, disease education, injection training and to provide consultations for research trials for new cutting edge medications. 

“More than 4500 Iowans are living with MS everyday,” said Valerie Stickel-Diehl, RN, MS, MSCN, Neuroscience Case Manager, Ruan Neuroscience Center.  “We are so proud of our new ‘Affiliation’ status and are eager to continue serving the medical and emotional needs of these patients and their families.”  

The Ruan Neurology Clinic medical team includes a neurologist, Certified MS Specialist and a MS Certified Nurse.  The Center is a member of the Consortium of MS Centers and MS nurse Valerie Stickel-Diehl is on the Board of Directors of the International Organization of MS Nurses.

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