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Preventive Health Care
Ages 40 - 64

Mercy Clinics recommends the following routine preventive health screening evaluations. To learn more about each of these preventive tests, please click on the name of the test below.

Test Interval Recommended
Preventive Health Exam 1 – 2 Years
Blood Sugar Every 3 Years
Cholesterol Every 5 Years
Pap Test Every 1-3 Years
Thyroid Test Physician discretion
Colon Cancer Tests Yearly after age 50
Occult Fecal Blood Every 5 years after age 50
Sigmoidoscopy or Colonoscopy Every 10 years after age 50
Mammogram Every 1- 2 Years age 40-50, and Yearly after age 50
EKG Physician discretion
Chest X-ray Physician discretion
Osteoporosis Test Consider after menopause and All women greater than 65 years
Tetanus Diphtheria Immunization Every 10 Years
Flu Shot Yearly after age 50
Pneumonia Shot Once after age 65
Eye Exam Periodically

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