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One Call Transfer Center

Mercy One Call Transfer Center imageMercy Medical Center-Des Moines is committed to making the One Call Transfer process as easy as possible for our clients. Recently, the following changes were made to the process:

  1. If any specialty services refuses an outlying ED patient, it will automatically be redirected to our ED physician for acceptance.
  2. Any pediatric patient in an outlying ED will automatically be accepted to our ED. You will be connected to the Mercy Ped’s ED charge nurse for report.
  3. We have also included the Mercy ED charge nurse cell phone to the transfer center for back up when you are calling nurse to nurse. This should relieve extended delays in nurse to nurse communications.

Please remember to call the One Call Transfer Center with your patient transfer needs at 877-886-3729 (877-88-MERCY) or 515-643-8580 (x38580). There is no need to contact Mercy admitting or individual physicians. The One Call Transfer Center will manage each piece of the transfer process for you.

For questions, comments or concerns about the One Call Transfer Center, please contact Vaughn Freeman at (515) 643-2767.

Cardiac Protocols

Stroke Protocols

Pediatric Protocols

Susan Johnson Brown, RN, MSN
Cardiovascular Specialist/ Level I MI Director

Iowa Heart Center and Mercy
Phone: (515) 643-2470
Cell: (515) 249-2596

Theresa Hamm, RN
Stroke Team Coordinator

Mercy Ruan Neuroscience Center
Phone: (515) 358-0048
Cell: (515) 883-0161

Jeri Babb, RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN
Emergency Services Director

Mercy Children's Center, Children's Emergency Center
Office Phone: (515) 643-2664
Department Phone: (515) 247-3292

Trauma Protocols

Vascular Protocols

Pharmaceutical Information

Jennifer Platz, RN, MSN,

Emergency and Trauma Services

Trauma Program Manager
Phone: (515) 643-2555
Cell: (515) 229-3711

Trauma Transfer Form (PDF)*



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